Want to Save on Your Energy Bills?

What Exactly Does an Insulation Contractor Do?

Insulation contractors are professionals who sell and install insulation for residential and commercial properties. They could sell such products to DIY customers as well. Whether you decide to insulate your property using aluminium foil, blown, or rolled insulation, or loose fill, an insulation contractor can offer you basic information on the product you have chosen to use for your project. Continue reading

Insulation Tips to Save Money and Energy

Why Use the Most Dependable Insulation Service in Your Area?

If you want to make your home or business a more energy-efficient living place, you should hire a prompt and reliable insulation service. Nowadays, there are plenty of energy-saving and cost-effective insulation options available on the market. Here are some tips on how to choose the most appropriate ones: Continue reading

Is Your Home Bleeding Heat out Every Winter?

When Will a House Insulation Service Use Spray Foam?

Spray foam insulation is used in ceilings, attics, walls, crawlspaces and other places within a building. It is used to prevent heat from escaping when it is cold outside, and to keep the heat outside when in the summer. This kind of insulation is in spray form, and made from resin and chemicals, like polyurethane or isocyanate’s. When sprayed, these ingredients create a foam which will expand and solidify. Spray foam insulation was originally recommended to be used by professional house insulation service technicians; however, DIY kits can now be purchased, but safety measures are advised during its application. Continue reading